Helpie FAQ

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  • I am vegetarian. Can I attend?

    While there are vegetarian items on the walk, most of the highlights are non-vegetarian. That said, we have had vegetarian folks on our walks and they have given us very good feedback.

  • What meat will be consumed during the walk?

    Mutton, chicken, fish and beef. You can skip any of the dishes according to your preference and still be full by the end of the walk!

  • How much will we have to walk?

    The trail typically involves about 2 kilometres of walking, but this is done over the period of about 3 hours, and with plenty of stops in between. The walking is always at a gentle pace and will not be tiring.

  • How should I dress for the walk?

    Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Make sure your knees and shoulders are covered.

  • Can I have a private walk for my family / team / friends?

    Yes, of course. We can do customized walks based on your group and their preferences. Get in touch with us to work out the details.

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